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Confident Body Success Kit

Shed the Hidden heavy baggage you're physically carrying so you can finally embrace the "LightBody" you were born into.

What you'll get:

  • 6-Week Self-Guided Journey ($800 Value)
  • Generational Healing ($400 Value)
  • Clearing Loop Bundle Pack ($800 Value)
  • Private Support Group ($200 Value)
  • Voxer Voice Chat Support ($400 Value)
  • 3 Virtual SIT Sessions ($2000 Value)
  • Progress Reporting ($100 Value)

Total Value $4,700

Light Worker Price: $697 Today

This is NOT another "weight loss" program. This is the work BEFORE the diets & exercise.

What People Are Saying:

I lost 5 lbs in one week! My god what a game changer! I've been sleeping better, this peace of mind kicked in and it's exactly what I needed. There's no words to explain this feeling...I just know it's what I needed to do.


I'm repeating a generational pattern of "Nobody loves me" and I'm using the weight to ensure no one EVER loves me. At a deeper level, I want to change that "I'm alone", not just my body. (this testimonial is paraphrased)


I realized that the weight I've been carrying is a by-product of how unfulfilled I've been feeling in my life.